Signal Generators

Test Tone Generator
A versatile function generator for many purposes in acoustics, audio and electronics: Component and system testing, education, sound effects etc.

Multi Tone Generator
A polyphonic version of my popular Test Tone Generator. Produces sounds from up to 25 independent oscillators.

Filtered Noise Generator
The Filtered Noise Generator can generate noise signals and apply different frequency filters on them in real time. One application is noise or tone masking, e.g. for tinnitus.

PWM Generator
The PWM Generator can generate Pulse Width Modulation signals in real time.

Audio Analysis Software

Real Time Analyzer
An audio signal analyzer with n-th octave frequency analysis, FFT analysis and oscilloscope.

Strobe Sync Pulse Generator Loudspeaker Test
Produces signals to drive an LED flashlight as a strobe to test loudspeakers or any other moving object

Health Related Software

Home Audiometer Hearing Test
Hearing Test Software to test your hearing at home.

Rife Generator
A Rife signal generator that can generate signals in accordance with the teachings of Royal Rife.

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